Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Birthday presents

Asa-i ce bine e sa primesti un cadou de ziua ta, chiar cu intirziere?? ei bine, Daniela si Mihaela Stefan , au fost cadorisite cu aceste wrapfolios.

Isn't it that is nice to receive a birthday gift even if it's a little late ? well, Daniela and Mihaela Stefan - two nieces- were gifted with these wrapfolios.

Interiorul, asortat la fiecare

The inside, each assorted

si din alt unghi

and from another angle

Pot sa pastreze amintiri dragi, legate cu fundita, sau scrisori fine, intelegeti : lucruri feminine ;))
They could keep inside dear memories, bounde by the ribbon ..or secret letters...well you know: girl stuff ;))

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mauve and felt

Ieri am primit un ATC cit o mica bijuterie, brodata manual, de la Elena
Yesterday I received a jewel of ATC, manually embroidered, from Elena...

..iar eu i-am trimis, la schimb, aceasta prima lucrare facuta cu masina mea embellisher : "Culoare in lumea mea "

And I sent her in swap this first work on my the embellisher, named " Colour in my world"

Totodata ieri seara, intr-un moment de maxima relaxare, la lumina portocalie a focului din semineu, am simtit ca e cel mai potrivit moment pentru a i-l face cadou lui Mircea pe... Movuliu ;)) , insotit evident de o pernita....

And also, yesterday evening, into a deeply relaxing moment, under the warm orange light of the chimney fire, I felt that was just the right time to give "Mr. Mauve" to my DH. Accompanied by a small mauve pillow, of course...

Surpriza a fost totala... :))
Was a total surprise...:))

Sunday, April 13, 2008

home-made dyeing

Pentru ca afara ploua si ploua ...deci " no gardening", mi-am umplut timpul vopsind niste materiale pentru quilting.
As outside is raining and " no gardening" , I home-made dyed some fabrics for quilting.

Am vazut metoda aceasta intr-unul din albumele Smarandei asa ca pus-o in aplicare ;))
I see this method in one of Smaranda's photo I must try it !

prima tura a fost ocru : sofran 300 gr + hirtie creponata
First batch was OCRE : 300 g shafran + yellow coloured wrinkled paper+ salt

After first batch was out I added some RED and got ORANGE :

The following piece is the result of the wrapping-method that I talked about at the beggining...just wonderfull!

And here are all toghether with some also dyed sheep wool ( resulting felt)( a friend told me that it seems to be like clown hair...what a GOOD IDEEA, isn't it ?) know: I can't be stopped ( nor from dyeing or from calamari with shrimps ;))) )
I'm waiting for some GREEN to cool down...anxious...and happy.
Untill tomorrow...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

gardening or...?

Doua noi trebuiau puse la treaba, nu ?

..two new super- gardening tools...I should put them to work, no? first of all they needed some handles ;))

Am inceput ca de obicei cu ridichile...Mmmm...doua soiuri.

I started as usually with the radishes...two sorts. Yep.

ridichile le-am amestecat cu saminta de salata creata , pentru ca iese mai usor salata. Ridichile ies primele, viguroase, astfel ele deja sfarama pamintul pentru mladitele fine de salata...fac asta in fiecare an , si chiar daca pare un sfat pentru prosti, merita sa fie luat in considerare ca fiind unul bun si eficient.

I mixed the seeds of radishes with those of salad because, as they are sprouting first, are helping the tiny plants of salad to work out of dirt.I'm doing the same mix every year, and even if it seems to be an advice for dummies it must be considered as a good and eficient one.

Apoi, poate pentru ca imi era deja foame de la munca in aerul curat si ciripit de pasarele, am "ascuns" in pamint citeva seminte de bostan rosu si de bostan untos Waltham.

And, perhaps because I was already hungry from working in the fresh air with bird songs, I "hide" in dirt some red pumpkin seeds and some Waltham Butternut so soft and sweet and ymmy ( ;))) ) pumpkin. Well, I had more to go...

Doua feluri de castraveti

Two kind of cucumbers ( so crunchy in those cheese salads with all kind of home-made dressings ;)) )

Some spinach

And also mixed toghether some tomatoes and carrots seeds ( because carrots LOVE tomatoes...just a love-affair between them ;)) )

And as you can see I have just a half of my vegetable garden in work. It waits for my hurting back bending again for some more digging work..

I love to dig with this tool ( digging fork ) ! it's doing a super-extra-easy-well accomplished job ;))...I think it was invented JUST for me! ( because I hate to dig)

So , tomorrow is another ( working) day...

Friday, April 11, 2008

spring is here

Primavara a sosit...este evident.... si mie mi-e deja gindul la cirese ;))

The spring is already here...obviously...and I'm thinking already at those cherries...Mmmm;))

Toamna trecuta am primit de la Sma ( Cluj) citeva plante minunate...primul a inflorit un iris pitic albastru...puteti crede cit de MIC este ???

Last autumn I received from Sma some wonderfull plants...this year, the first flowered among them is a small Iris...can you believe how SMALL it is ??

Imi plac multe florile salbatice....

I love-love all the savage flowers from my garden. And I've got plenty of are just the first from this spring...

Primul curcubeu din anul acesta.

The first rainbow from this year.


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