Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Surpriza nr. : 8 + 9 + 10 + 11

De la Viviana : culoare si veselie

From Viviana : colour and joy

De la Dora : finetze-finetze...

From Dora : finesse-finesse...

De la Moni B : precum vedeti deja se contureaza un quiltuletz foarte..."foarte" :))

From Moni B. as you can see is already ready a very " very" small quilt ;))

De la Daniela : o felicitare dulce foc ascunsa intr-un saculetz cu ursuleti iar in rest atita culoare incit mi-a dat avint la lucru pentru azi ;))

From Daniela : a super-pretty post card hidded in a bear small bag and for the rest so much colour that she pushed me to work hard today ;))

Si ca sa vedeti ca nu spun povesti , uite ce table-mat s-a nascut azi
And to see that I'm not telling stories, look at the table-mat that was born today

si spatele
and the back of it

si un "ceva" mic pentru casa mea de Craciun
And a small "something" for my house for this Christmas

Si citeva poze din aceasta dimineata cu zapada proaspata

And some fresh-snow pictures from this morning :

Monday, November 12, 2007

Alte surprize 5+6+7

Azi am mai primit 3 plicuri pline cu surprize !! de la Ioana, Elena si Smaranda.
Today I received another 3 envelopes full of surprises!! from Ioana, Elena and Smaranda...
De la Ioana ...cita finetze !
From delicate!

De la Elena .... cita culoare, cite idei....mi-a placut mult nasturelul cu Brothers ;)))
From Elena...what a colour, how many ideas...I love the little button with Brothers ;)))

De la Smaranda ...cita ELEGANTA .
From Smaranda : how elegant !

Si de la mine ;)) , am mai facut un bloculetz de Craciun : Verde-Auriu . Am folosit metoda rapida a lui Eleanor Burns pentru Drumul Betivanului - aplique prin lipire.
And from me ;)) I made another small Christmas block : Golden-Green.
I used the Eleanor Burns speed technique for fused -applique of Drunkard path.

Si miine e o alta zi....
And tomorrow is another day....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Surpriza din Noiembrie - 3+4

Azi am primit alte doua plicuri cu Surprize : de la Ena si de la Adina.
De la Ena : floricelele mov si cele din macrame sunt minunate, atit de fine...
Today I received another two surprise envelopes from Ena and from Adina.
From Ena, this one, with so fine purple flowers and macrame ones...

De la Adina: niste micute paneluri de Craciun, materiale minunate, dantelutze si banda bias sa pot practica diferite metode de coasere a ei .
From Adina : some small and cute Christmas panels, wonderfull fabrics , laces and bias tape to practice different methods of sewing it.

Si a inceput perioada piinii facute in casa....un broscoi de paiine, calda, crocanta gata scoasa din cuptor....
And from today started the bread baking perioud...a hot, crunchy just pop-out of the oven bread...

Si seara o cina de rasfat : ciupercute umplute cu ceapa rosie si cas de oaie...
And a special dinner : stuffed mushrooms with red onions and sheep cheese...

Gata de papat in combinatie cu cirnaciori wienezi in sos de bere...
Ready to eat along some wienner sausages in beer sauce...

ce zi minunata...
What a wonderfull day...

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Intre timp am facut un nou quilt. Din tafta si brocart...
Din pacate mi-a adus foarte multa tristete in suflet...din motive personale.
Meanwhile I made a whole new quilt, from fancy materials.
Unfortunately it brings a lot of sadness in my soul...personal reasons....

Part of it

Quiltingul vazut pe spate
The quilting work seen better on the back of it :

Si ca seara sa se incheie totusi frumos am facut reteta lui Jamie Oliver : Tagliatelle with a ragu of tiny meatballs...bineinteles linga un pahar de vin rosu. Yeap ;))
And for the evening to end anyway in a nice mood I made Jamie's Oliver recipe : Tagliatelle with a ragu of tiny meatballs...of course with some red wine...Yeap ;))

Miine e o alta zi ....
Tomorrow is another day...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Surpriza din Noiembrie - 2

Azi am primit un colet cu adevarat surpriza din partea Marianei Tugui.
Multumesc , Mariana !
O dantela ca un vis,un material care va fi un quiltuletz micutz in curind ;)), fundite stralucitoare, paiete si margelutze asortate, atze....oh, cite atze!! sa tot cos acum ;)).
Citeva rinduri cu o caligrafie de invidiat...

Today I received a really surprize package from Mariana Tugui.
Thank you, Mariana !
A lace of dream, a piece of fabric that soon will be a small quilt ;)), shining ribbons, sequins and assorted beads, threads...oh, how much thread !! I have enough to sew from now on ;))
And a few lines with a calligraphy to covet for...

...dar surpriza cea mare au fost acesti papucei de casa facuti chiar de Mariana !!! si dupa cum vedeti deja sunt pusi la lucru ;)) Calzi si colorati cu pompomi rafinati care m-au facut sa-mi aduc aminte de copilarie...eram innebunita dupa pom-pomi...i-as fi pus pe orice! nu sunt deloc pisicoasa, ba dimpotriva fac alergie la pisici :))
...but the biggest surprise were this slippers handmade by Mariana!! and as you see they are already put to work ;)) Warm and coloured with fine pompoms that make me remember my childhood...when I was nuts for pompoms...I was using them almost on everything! hmmm...and I'm not at all a pussycat... I'm allergic at cats :))

Pfuiii...da' ce bine-mi vin!!! super ! good they fit on ! super!

Ha-ha...vedeti ce minuni face un schimb intre prietene ?? in primul rind ma face pe mine sa postez zilnic ;)) you see how wonderfull is a between-friend swap ? ? first of all it makes me post every single day ;))

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Surpriza din Noiembrie - 1

Azi am primit primul plic din schimbul Surpriza din Noiembrie, schimb facut in cadrul grupului Peticelul International .
Multumesc, Ela!! nastureii aceia sunt atit de simpatici ;)) iar din restul in mod sigur voi face ceva dragutz. Imi place mult materialul pe fond inchis..deja am idei pentru el!

Today I received the first envelope from the swap November Surprise that is hold by my group Peticelul International .
Thank you , Ela!! those buttons are so cute ;)) and from the rest I will certainly do something nice. I love the dark fabric...I'm already dreaming at something for it.

Afara... o toamna rece, intens colorata....
Outside... a cold autumn, intense coloured...

Saturday, November 03, 2007


El este Fluffy...cadoul pentru Arabella ( lucrat si acesta in mare secret ;)) )

This is Fluffy....a birthday gift for Arabella ( also worked in great secret ;)) )

"Colturile" ( prairie-points ) care ii plac ei atit de mult...

The "corners" ( prairie-points) that she loves so much...

Sper sa-i fie "aproape" tot restul vietii ...

Hope that Fluffy to be close to her heart for the rest of the life...


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