Thursday, December 04, 2014

Time flies so fast...

Yes, time flies so fast.... from summer to autumn. From autumn to winter....
Even that I'm not quite complete restablished ( from my incredible, awful one week lower back pain ) today I took my camera and get out. It was sunny but quite cold...
With the corner of my eye ( right one ) I see something scarry ...

Yes, these ! Lots of fresh mole-heaps. Lots ! again !! pfff......

And from the new spot, with my right eye - this time - I see something cheerful coloured. A feast for my eyes ... and birds LOL. 

Red, frozen apples... ice-cream for birds. ;)

She is always following me ... a few steps behind, faithfully.... Goldie, I mean. A little upset, a little tired. Age-fatigue.....

 Naked of leaves, the trees seems whiter and taller... another beautiful aspect of birches.

She's coming slowly .. head down, smelling here and there , tail wagging slowly ... my crooked shadow because of my crooked back .

The reason of today walk was finding this. Seabuckthorn .Hippophae rhamnoides . A lot of goodies in my garden... 

Quite a lot of it ....but ....

But it is all frozen..... it's smashing between the fingers.... pity ! next year will know to harvest at the right time. And with right methods. ;) Thank you , Catrinel .

I have a soft spot ( inclusiv in my garden :P ) for bamboo.... well, this is not a proper bamboo , but something quite closer as a species. Bringed home from France via Spain with funny stories to remember... 

I love the sky seen trough it ....

I love the sun filtered trough it ... 
I love to cut and clean all those dried stalks... and store them with this and that ideeas in my mind. Lots of pretty ideas. Someday ... you know. ;) 

Last views over the empty, naked, chilled garden....

And in the last moment I found something good to take back in to house : some green onions, a little between growth phases but so sweet and good. Frost passes over and make it sweet , otherwise I always get hot , spicy onion from my garden . Perhaps due to the soil....

A thought from this moment : if frost makes onion sweet, does illness make bad people good ? 
You can answer. Don't ponder too much over the answer, just say it . 
Creative Commons License
by Teodora Podina © 2006

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Recycled, buttoned-up box

I DO love recycling... and I DO love playing with cardboard and papers ( but this you already are aware of ;) )
As you all know, after using day by day adhesive tapes, you got a lot of empty rolls. Lots of rolls. Cardboard empty rolls ;). Wider or thinner, I just kept saving them, one by one...The stash is seriously growing . So , I had to make something, right ? :D
Here is the material gathered : empty rolls, cardboard, buttons, paper tape adhesive and glue. Some others are added on the way, like acrylic paints, cords, sea shells and other sea beauties found on the beaches....

First I transformed the rolls into a base and a lid . This two together are forming a round box. 
Chop-chop, snip-snip, glue-glue and ...voila !

then I tried that the lid fits properly over the base..

Then comes the gesso applying step and some drying time ( which leads me to forget about taking photos :D ) . 
Now it's time for play ! with all those buttons scattered on the table , it was such a fun. Creative fun ! ;)

Thinking, auditioning, starting over again... a few times. Combining, painting, gluing again....until THIS happened  :

 - and an angled view over the top - 

I finished the inside with white felt . This gives a smooth feel to the box so it can holds some jewelries, or some sweet memories or ( why not ? ) some more buttons . LOL. 

What do you think ? enough buttons ? clear message ? like it ? 
 I'm entering this buttoned box in Craft Hoarders Anonymus Challenge # 14

Creative Commons License
by Teodora Podina © 2006

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Paper box mania ?

I admit I love making cards, but I adore making small paper-boxes... boxes and purses and bags and you name it . Paper all, this is all about . Is this something known as addictive and nobody told me before :D ?

So, a show of some boxes... in ascending order of dimension :
-the mini ones ;) :

then the girly-party ( or as christening gifts ) 

this model cand hold a large variety of sweets from Gifts & Gifts . Some examples : 



then I changed the colours but not the size of the box. I think that small and pretty is supreme. 
 And, as a plus of value, I added my paper flowers that I love so much . 
First model of flower ( you have the tutorial here


this box model can hold also the same variety of sweets as the previous one... here showing some very fine chocolate candies from Gifts & Gifts :

and I continued making another model of paper flower, slightly different than the previous one, settled on the same box type & dimensions  :


You know already all about the sweets that can go inside , don't you ? 

And finally something ''smashing'' LOL : 


it's a big one, 8 cm x 8 cm x 3,5 cm height, and you can put a lot inside. Not just sweets, but jewelries, clothing accessories ( like silk scarfs, handkerchiefs, cashmere socks, necktie, other delicate things ;) etc ) and so on ...

Tomorrow i'll bring you something new. Colored still and different. 
Curious about ? stay tuned ;) 


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