Monday, December 30, 2013

last days of 2013

Who would believe that time runs so fast ? well, it's already a fact not a supposition .
Autumn has slipped away so softly that all I can remember are some faded sun rays and a dried leaf....
After that Christmas passed quickly , and beautifully, too. Almost in the same manner as always...

But who knows what next year brings us ? beside the gorgeous radiant orchid color of the year :

For sure this is one of my favorite colors, so I hope it will make me be more creative , more high-spirited and content with my results in the new year.
Last night I was thinking of creating quite a severe resolution list for the upcoming days, but today I let myself go in the sweet idleness of holidays... maybe tomorrow ? LOL
Who want to think about work plans when sipping slowly a coffee with some last, dried, pieces of cake ?

My coffee is getting cold , so I wish you all the best in the New Year , health and happiness .


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