Monday, December 30, 2013

last days of 2013

Who would believe that time runs so fast ? well, it's already a fact not a supposition .
Autumn has slipped away so softly that all I can remember are some faded sun rays and a dried leaf....
After that Christmas passed quickly , and beautifully, too. Almost in the same manner as always...

But who knows what next year brings us ? beside the gorgeous radiant orchid color of the year :

For sure this is one of my favorite colors, so I hope it will make me be more creative , more high-spirited and content with my results in the new year.
Last night I was thinking of creating quite a severe resolution list for the upcoming days, but today I let myself go in the sweet idleness of holidays... maybe tomorrow ? LOL
Who want to think about work plans when sipping slowly a coffee with some last, dried, pieces of cake ?

My coffee is getting cold , so I wish you all the best in the New Year , health and happiness .

Monday, September 16, 2013

cards and quinces

As you seen in the previous post I've worked hard for some surprises... all that work become this :

In 14 september 2013, the forum Tomnarella-handmade made 1 year of life. Quite a baby, isn't it ? :D

well, as a surprise gift, all the members received cards with the forum sign , an autum maple leaf ... and some lines. A proud thank you for all those who were there, near me , day by day ....
I've made quite a lot :D

and the feedback says to me that was a pretty good idea ;).

Here is autumn, a long and beautiful autumn ....I let you for remembering a basket full of quinces :

Creative Commons License
by Teodora Podina © 2006

Monday, August 26, 2013

late...summer....too much to do

It seems that I just can not keep in line my blogging... it's summer and despite of it I have so much to do ... still no gardening , the drought is awful this year... all of my raised beds are quite like small deserts... the network water is too expensive, we have no rain this means nothing in the garden... still some raspberries dare to produce day after day to my DH delight... apples and hazelnuts... big , red, crunchy hazelnuts... and that's all from the garden ... this year we'll have to buy the plums for the magiun ( plum-jam without sugar ) ...maybe next week-end we'll find some nice ripe plums for sale ...
Inside.... I love to work at night... it cooler, it's silent ( the traffic is almost reduced ) and by the opened window I hear the crickets and some distant sounds.... it's better at night... working hard, as you can see ;) ...a small surprise for dear friends ....

We manage to set up a new pasta recipe ... a friend bring us some Chorizo dulce ( a sweet spanish sausage ) so this is a gorgeous and so yummy dish : fresh cherry tomatoes, chorizo, garlic, basil and parmesan cheese. Too pity that there are only 2 sausages in the pack, lately you can't find here almost anything good.... 

 Now, scrapbooking.... you know , this love will never fade.... no matter how tired I am , I will scrap a little for my pleasure or for others pleasure. This is entitled : "Following a free spirit ".
  I love trying new techniques, I'm quite excited every time I find out about a new one and I put it on practice.

 And for my pleasure : a coloured pencils digistamp card with lots of amazing digistamp from
 I'm looking forward to make a blue one and a pink one and who knows what follows.... dreams, dreams...

And now a little fabric "something " ... a hair accessory :  

Quickly explanations :  the flowers are from quilling technique, very simple rolls and circles with fringes , but the leaves are a little more..  I outlined them on fabric, 

 painted with fabric paints
 added the veins with puff paint and add some more deep with other green-ish colors
 dry them thoroughly until puff paint "explodes" 
 a little montage on a hair comb with ribbon as base , a little hand sewing 
 and ta-daaa : a big hair accessory with faceted crystal beads and all .
 here's on the dummy head : 

And the last thing before closing today's long post, is my newly hairpin crocheted jacket and yet without buttons (can't find anywhere some cream pearl small round romantic buttons.I ask for too much , do I ? :D ) 

So I repeat the title : late... summer....too much to do .... right ? ;) ( and ...psst! this is not all ;) ;) ) 
Until next time, don't forget : love is everything ! 

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by Teodora Podina © 2006


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Some of my latest works

Some of my latest works... as I said on FB : having so many friends is a blessing and also means a lot of practice in scrapbooking :D. I just love it ! 

First one : 

 with an hand embossed line inside and a handwriting wish .... I know , there are so many arguments for handwriting vs. computer sentiments. I still believe that a handmade card needs a hand write wish/thought inside. It's a handmade creation after-all, no ? 

The second one ...I'm in love with the color combination, I must make myself one :D . This is so "me"
 All of these are made with Crafter's Companion free papers. Here and there a small extra- addition , like these hemp ribbon, pearls and some more...

And the last one : 

 the inside is dark color , I was thinking that I can use a glitter marker for writing the wish , but in the end I added a cream paper, also with decorative side. Much easier to read the inside . The picture are made before the last addition.  

And a small peek during coloring the stamps or digi-stamps ( here is a free digi-stamp from Bugaboostamps , they have every Friday a new free cute digi-stamp ;). I love them . 
As you can see I'm coloring with Lyra colored crayons.... and here we enter in the world of other arguments Copic markers, aquarelle crayons or just colored crayons. I use what I have. :)
Isn't scrapbooking fun-fun-fun ? 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

latest works

By now, everyone knows that I'm deeply in love with scrapbooking :D. Well, this is me : restless in hobby. Step by step I'm going in THAT direction that I'm longing for since so many years... for now it's secret ;) But you'll be among first to know. ;)

Learning about scrapbooking day by day, shopping ( less lately, but still some... stamps and papers, and punches and embellishments  ) , receiving beautiful die-cuts from friends that share same passion as mine and are more lucky to have a die-cut machine , working and trying and trying... some results get in the garbage-bin, some get out well and are already gifted.
Let's see :
first of all, my tool collection get bigger with the addition of some punches ( another love of mine beside stamps :D )

and still I don't have a proper way to store them - they sit still in baskets, arranged somehow by size . If anyone has a great idea for storing these , it is more then welcomed.

Then some new stamps appear in the collection ;)  :

I just can't hold myself when it comes about stamps :)))...anyone else suffering from the same ? :D  
 And now some works to show off : 
a romantic birthday card  - I absolutely adore these colors:

a thank you card : 

a funny card for a quick competition : 

and a card for a silver wedding celebration . 

As any beginner, I'm searching my way, my style... perhaps it's too soon at least to think about it just because I'm so anxious to work different techniques, different layouts.
Let's see what future brings . I have my arms large opened. :D

Wishing you a beautiful and creative day !

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by Teodora Podina © 2006

Monday, March 18, 2013

and another one

As you can see, card making is challenging. And beautiful. And addictive :D . But that last one I said before this, and before that and you all already knew that, isn't it ? LOL
So , another birthday card . Just pure and simple .

 I'm longing for spring obvious the presence of ladybugs . No antiquing this time, just simple.

 The inside panel is a new try, for a better writing background . Here is still in white .
A little feminine, a little romantic, a little chic. ;)

I would like to take part in the following challenges : 
Anything but a card - Paper Craft Journey
Anything Goes - Challenges for everybody
Anything goes challenge 260  - Cute card Thursday
Challenge #146 - Anything goes - Sentimental Sundays
Challenge # 162 - Add a sentiment - Fab'n'Funky
Anything goes #199 - TSG Clear Stamps
9th Challenge Anything goes - Crafty-emblies

Wish you all a wonderful spring ! 
here snow is still queen : 

Creative Commons License
by Teodora Podina © 2006


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