Monday, January 07, 2013

Glad to meet you again !

Glad to meet you , again, in 2013.
I know , my last post was somewhere very long time ago....well, this is life.
As I said then, I was out of order for a period of time due to a pear, but this went off and life goes on....And I still love pears LOL. ( but these are from the garden and they are after dehydrated ;) )

Meanwhile I was still enjoying my garden , crops and preserves :

preparing for winter ( woods for heating ) : 

and still collecting bears. Soft, small, hugging bears. 

Also , I was traveling through Austria with my love : 

And still, all this time I did work a lot....handmade, I mean .
I was generally crocheting ( jewelry )

and learning/making some decoupage ( a new passion ) : 

and of course, my basic hobby - patchwork : 

but my bigger achievement for last year is : 

Here I gathered a lot of true friends with creative minds and talented hands.
We are happy together ! 
and who knows what Tomnarella can become someday ;). 

So again : happy to meet you in 2013. 
I wish you all a year filled with peace, love and health. And creativity ;)


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