Thursday, July 30, 2009

a new and wonderfull friend

Rindurile despre aceasta intilnire apar foarte tirziu...dar uite ca apar si ma bucur atit de intilnire cit si de noua prietenie legata ;) .
Poveste scurta :
Intr-o dis de dimineata am plecat cu masina spre Satu-Mare, unde Csilla ma astepta impreuna cu micuta ei domnisoara Lilla , intr-un parc superb al orasului.
Am facut scurt cunostinta - chiar daca dupa atita corespondenta deja noi doua ne stiam prea bine - iar eu m-am indragostit brusc si iremediabil de micuta Lilla...o bijuterie de, la inceput, s-a cam speriat de mine pentru ca eram imbracata toata in negru...dar in timp am reusit citeva poze locul de joaca al copiilor din parc, pe leagan si pe roata. O lume noua pentru mine...

Those lines appear very late...but here they are and I must admit that I'm quite happy with this meeting and with this new friendship that I have now. ;).
Short story :
One very early morning, I left to Satu Mare to met Csilla. She was waiting me in a superbe town park toghether with her very little lady Lilla.
We already knew each other - after such long correspondence - and suddenly and inexpected I felt in love with this little young lady named Lilla...such a the beggining she was quite afraid of me because I was dressed all in black...but in the end we make some nice photos at the childrens playground. Surprise : a new and unknown world for me...

oare la ce se gindeste atit de adinc ??
what of is she thinking so hard ??

In parc ridem si ne cules scoarta de copac, frunze , ghinde...tot cu gindul la mixed-media....Csilla se distreaza de minune cum imi tot intra in pantofi nisipul din careul de joaca al copiilor ... ce v-am spus ? o lume noua pentru mine.... ;)
In the park we laugh and have good time...I pick up some wonderfull tree bark, leaves, seeds...having all the time just mixed-media in my thoughts. Csilla is laughing hard of me because I still get, at each step, sand from the playground in my shoes...what did I tell you ? a new and unknown world to me...;).

Apoi vremea a trecut ca prin farmec...acasa la Csilla , am uitat de poze, am uitat de ceas, am uitat de povestit si povestit.... brusc ne dam seama ca nu am mai facut nici o poza..mie imi pare rau ca nu am facut poze cu casa ei frumoasa , cu gradina ei -este o plantele ei - are o multime, cu noi mincind pe teresa inghetata de caise facuta chiar de ea...deh, voi stiti cum e cind se intilnesc doua pasionate ale lucrului de mina, nu ? ha-ha... dar data viitoare voi face mult mai multe, promit ! ;)
Cu citeva minute inainte de plecare ne-am pozat pe ea cu calculatorul -la care stie sa faca o multime de minuni :) iar ea pe mine cu masina ei de cusut cu care in viitor bineinteles ca va face alte minuni ;).

Then the time fly away so Csilla's home I forgot to take pictures, I forgot about the time, I forgot about sadness....we just talk and talk and talk again...suddenly we realize that we haven't any picture toghether...I'm sorry that I didn't photo her beautifull home, her wonderfull garden, her inside plants - she has a lot of them - , a picture of us eating home-made by Csilla apricot ice-cream...well, you know how it is when two alike met ? LOL. next time I will take much more photos, I promise....
A few minutes before I leave, I take a picture of her in front of her computer - she is such a genius in computers - and then she made me a picture with her sewing machine with which she will made other beauties in the future. ;)

Si inca o poza cu dulceata ei de fetita :
And another picture with that sweet-sweet little girl :

Abia astept sa ne revedem...
I just can't wait to see them again....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

good by forever

Am aparut in viata ei cind avea 31 ani...o virsta minunata. Pe atunci era o tinara frumoasa, plina de viata si de fericire.

I stepped into her life when she was 31 years old....a wonderfull age. Those days she was a beautifull young female, full of life and joy.

Anii au trecut, eu am crescut si ea a devenit din ce in ce mai exigenta cu mine...eram oricum prima fata, deci aveam un "statut" aparte, trebuia sa invat tot ceea ce trebuie sa stie o gospodina. In principal lucrul de atunci nu stiam insa sa apreciez acest lucru. Acum stiu.

Years passed by, I grow up and she became more and more exigent with me...anyway I was her first baby-girl and I had a special "status", beeing obliged to learn everything that a woman should know. In first line meaning hand-work...still, then I didn't know to appreciate those lessons. Now I do .

Apoi anii au trecut si mai multi... boala a aparut tiptil, schimbarile au fost majore ...In ciuda bolii si a tot ce a fost rau , urit si rece, voi pastra pentru totdeauna o amintire draga : mama mea draga, frumoasa ca in poza urmatoare.

Years passed by, one after another, many in rows... illness appear quietly, changes were bigger and faster. Despite illness and despite all that was bad, ugly and cold, I will keep forever a precious memory : my dear, beautifull mother like in the next photo.

Adio, mama....
Good by forever, mama ....


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