Sunday, April 13, 2008

home-made dyeing

Pentru ca afara ploua si ploua ...deci " no gardening", mi-am umplut timpul vopsind niste materiale pentru quilting.
As outside is raining and " no gardening" , I home-made dyed some fabrics for quilting.

Am vazut metoda aceasta intr-unul din albumele Smarandei asa ca pus-o in aplicare ;))
I see this method in one of Smaranda's photo I must try it !

prima tura a fost ocru : sofran 300 gr + hirtie creponata
First batch was OCRE : 300 g shafran + yellow coloured wrinkled paper+ salt

After first batch was out I added some RED and got ORANGE :

The following piece is the result of the wrapping-method that I talked about at the beggining...just wonderfull!

And here are all toghether with some also dyed sheep wool ( resulting felt)( a friend told me that it seems to be like clown hair...what a GOOD IDEEA, isn't it ?) know: I can't be stopped ( nor from dyeing or from calamari with shrimps ;))) )
I'm waiting for some GREEN to cool down...anxious...and happy.
Untill tomorrow...


  1. Ce de panze!Asezate impreuna arata grozav si impresioneaza cata munca include.Felicitari!

  2. La tine e frumos si cand ploua :))
    Super faine au iesit panzele, imi faci si mie pofta de vopsit;)

    P.S. Merci pentru linkurile cu magazine

  3. Frumoase nuante de ocru, astept cu nerabdare un ATC din aceste panze. Elena

  4. Acum sa faci un quilt "ocru" pentru expozitia din Luberon! Va fi minunat cacai ai obtinut culori foarte frumoase!



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