Saturday, August 30, 2014

Recycled, buttoned-up box

I DO love recycling... and I DO love playing with cardboard and papers ( but this you already are aware of ;) )
As you all know, after using day by day adhesive tapes, you got a lot of empty rolls. Lots of rolls. Cardboard empty rolls ;). Wider or thinner, I just kept saving them, one by one...The stash is seriously growing . So , I had to make something, right ? :D
Here is the material gathered : empty rolls, cardboard, buttons, paper tape adhesive and glue. Some others are added on the way, like acrylic paints, cords, sea shells and other sea beauties found on the beaches....

First I transformed the rolls into a base and a lid . This two together are forming a round box. 
Chop-chop, snip-snip, glue-glue and ...voila !

then I tried that the lid fits properly over the base..

Then comes the gesso applying step and some drying time ( which leads me to forget about taking photos :D ) . 
Now it's time for play ! with all those buttons scattered on the table , it was such a fun. Creative fun ! ;)

Thinking, auditioning, starting over again... a few times. Combining, painting, gluing again....until THIS happened  :

 - and an angled view over the top - 

I finished the inside with white felt . This gives a smooth feel to the box so it can holds some jewelries, or some sweet memories or ( why not ? ) some more buttons . LOL. 

What do you think ? enough buttons ? clear message ? like it ? 
 I'm entering this buttoned box in Craft Hoarders Anonymus Challenge # 14

Creative Commons License
by Teodora Podina © 2006


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