Monday, March 16, 2009

seeds, a lot of seeds

Am fost o multime de pliculetze de seminte. Smaranda, mi-a implinit dorinta de a semana anul acesta o varietate cit mai mare de salate...salata de iarna, salata de vara, salata frou-frou...ce mai, am fost o rasfatata...;)

I was spoiled, oh, so spoiled! Smaranda hear my wish to seed all sorts of salads in my future raised gardening beds and send me a lot of salads seeds. Winter salads, summer salad, frou-frou salads...what should I say more : I was spoiled !;)

Si pentru ca anii trecuti visam doar dovleci peste dovleci, am adunat din rezerva de seminte toate pliculetzele ce mi le-a trimis tot fine, ce a mai ramas...aromatice si dovleci. Anul acesta voi avea un colt de gradina fermecat...

And because last year I was dreaming all the time just pumpkins, I gathered here the reamining seeds that were send by her also...aromatic plants and pumpkins. This year I will have a magic corner in my garden .

Asteptati putin si am sa vi-l arat! ;)
Wait a little and I'll show you ! ;)

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