Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rain or storm ?

Today we've made a short lunch-visit to country-side. Quite pleasant .
 We left with storm rains behind us  ....

Beautiful weather on one side : 

and some clouds gathering heavily on the other side : 

and quite a dark thunderstorm behind us ( look in the rear mirror ) :

I'm taking home a new baby . Rosemary. He will not be alone, be sure.
 I love rosemary over grilled new potatoes. Along with some whole garlic and olive oil . And some sprinkles of hot-peppers, of course. ;) Meat ? well, if it's necessary... LOL


I'd like to train him as a ball topiary ....hopefully he'll be understanding and willing to grow like this. Otherwise he'll become best friend , repeatedly, with the dehydrator . 
In life there is always offered a second option ;) . 

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