Thursday, July 10, 2014

Again....and wow !

Again summer... again grass, cutting grass. I must tell you that I'm over my head full of it. Beside the beauty of having a fresh cut lawn, it's a deeply hard job. I get out like a zombie after 4 hours of driving and hoping and checking and smelling know. I presume.

Morning view :

and the work-partner -old by faithful - 

this is the view that I left behind me once finished the 4 hours of driving and hoping and smelling fresh-cut grass :

Now please look at my blog-header, it is the same picture like the above one but taken 5 years ago . Well ? I must change my header  with the new view one ;)

and of course , Goldie-oldie spoiled by walking in a fresh cut lawn :

In the evening, after a rewarding nap ( read : sleep :D ) I felt the need to take a walk.  

Where ? in the garden , of course, checking the missed spots  :D . 

you can see the clouds are gathering on the horizon , announcing a new thunderstorm for tonight accuweather indicates will follow two days of rain and thunderstorms. It's summer, by the way . 

The shadows are growing day by day... longer and longer....

Goldie in all her 10 years-old glory : slow and almost lazy ( to be delicate with her :P )  

in my so-called ''garden'' are appearing the first signs : like the one that the raised-beds are falling apart very soon LOL 

and the first yellow-tomatoes... small and tasty. And will be quite a lot on this plant. 

in the same colour ;) but not edible :

back to home... the walk was enough after such a day.

Well, in the other side nothing new to show... so I'll let you here my last cards , for those who doesn't follow me on Facebook . 

tiktakro's cards June July 2014 album on Photobucket

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  1. Pur si simplu ador gradina ta....Este de vis



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