Saturday, January 25, 2014

last days of january ? :D

If the previous post was entitled "first days of January" it seems to me quite appropriate to name this post "last days of January" LOL ... just because I find so less time to blog and is almost the end of January.
My mornings start like this : 

followed by house chores - not desirable to show in pictures LOL, 
Then a little time for this and that  - in this case mending a ripped binding on a shabby-chic bath mat ( more shabby than chic :P ) ( I love doing this kind of stuff. You might laugh, but I remember all my childhood mending various clothes of mine or of my familiy... then was born my love for needle and thread ;) ) 

 A little scrapbooking time each day , just for the peace of soul and the smile on my face ...should I recognise publicly that is more than ''little time'' ? :D
mea culpa ;)

 The day passes by with a blossom born in the middle of winter 

and a little shopping which means transforming a Christmas coupon gift in some great products ( thank you, Arabella ! ) . Yay ! stamps again :D

and then a special dinner with meat. Red meat . Special because we seldom eat meat . 
Yep, and this is not a pork ribb, it's a lamb one. 
Home made pickles, home-made vegetable sauce, mashed potatoes ( homemade, how else ? :D ) ..


well, let's see what tomorrow brings ;). 
Just wait ... I bet it will be something good. :)

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by Teodora Podina © 2006

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  1. Sa incep cu bolul cu cereale si seminte?Arata tare delicios cu adevarat.Si felicitarea cu micuta japoneza ce bea ceaiul este speciala...Se pare ca esti estrem de atrasa de eu care ma gandeam ca ai scos deja masina de cusut:P .Spor la folosit noile "jucarii" :P .Te pup DD



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