Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm gonna play, baby !

I'm gonna play, baby ! Last week I attempt to my VISA card and make some shopping :P. 
What did I shop for ? 
well, don't dream... there ain't no clothes, no bags, no shoes , nothing like this. 
There are these ( much more precious for me :D ) : 

well , for better understanding here you have some embossing powders - clear, green and red, and a black Stazon inkpad with refill. I just can't wait to play with those powders.... it will be a mess ! :D oh, such a mess !

and these water-pencils for colouring times.... lately, I really feel the need of them. I looove coloring digi-stamps. And I learn some new tricks for these water-pencils on the internet... such a good thing this internet, agree ? ;)

And now, let me show you some Valentine cards... I have so many ideeas, so less paper and not a trimmer at least. I still work with my patchwork cutter on the cutting mat. But ...I like it even so .

I love making this 3D paper "flower".... 

 Then I remembered ( from some age , remembering is a good thing :P ) having some metal sheets somewhere between my scrap papers... I take a Fiskars embossing plate and I throw away that Fiskars original embossing tool ( it's not good at all especially on metal, arghh! ) and first I push the sheet down with the brayer and then I hand-embossed line after line with a CrafterCompanion embossing pencil. Nice and clean. 
wow ! I must repeat this with some other metal coloured sheets. I've got so many ideeas !


I used part of the template - the border - in this card. Oh, how I would like to have some alcohol inks and play more on that surface... but , nope ! none. Zero.  
The angel is punched out of cardstock and set on foam pads, the central metal heart is a jewelry pendant ... the rest of it is just scrapbooking. You know this better than me. ;) 

Tomorrow is another day, another thing. Curious about it ?
... go to sleep now and dream nice. I said tomorrow ;)

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by Teodora Podina © 2006


  1. A doua felicitare ii place mult de tot lui Andrei. Mult spor la lucru cu noile achizitii! Stiu cat esti de ocupata, dar asta nu ma face sa imi doresc sa scrii mai des pe blog. O saptamana faina sa ai!

    1. Multumesc, Catrinel , pentru vizita si pentru impuls ;). Mi-am propus sa il readuc , oarecum, la viata... prea il parasisem, bietul blog...
      O saptamana minunata si pentru tine !

  2. Si ce o sa te mai joci inca...Sunt sigura ca vor iesi lucrari deosebite.Felicitarile sunt...romantice...te oglindesti extrem de tare in ele...Te imbratisez cu mare D :P



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