Friday, August 14, 2009

two visits - one post ;)

Va rog din start sa fiti ingaduitoare cu marele "minus" de poze :)))...asa se intimpla cind intilnirile sunt pline de savoare si de bucurie...uitam sa facem poze si ne trezim la final doar cu zimbetul pe buze spunind "data viitoare." ;).
Deci :
Saptamina trecuta m-a vizitat Csilla... de data aceasta ea a venit la mine...a sosit atit de repede dimineata incit aproape ca m-a scos de sub dus ( ha-ha ) instalat in atelierul meu, pe ea o vedeti in poza urmatoare in locul meu favorit, fotoliul de unde momentan va scriu rindurile acestea sau de unde seara de seara va vizitez blogurile ;).

From the start I beg you forgivness for the big lack of pictures :))) . This happens when the visits are full of joy and happiness....we forget to take pictures untill
end when we had to accept the situation with a big smile saying : "next time..." So :
Last week Csilla did visit me...this time she came to my home...she arrived so quickly in the morning that she almost take me off from the shower LOL...we installed in my studio, you can see her sitting in my favorite spot, my armchair from where I write now these lines and also from where I read your blogs evening after evening...:)

Am facut o plimbare in gradina, scuze pentru lipsa totala de poze, din gradina unde am decis sa pornim un schimb "adevarat" de plante pentru data viitoare cind ne vom mai unde era sa stim ca ne vom vedea chiar saptamina urmatoare ! ;))) urma ne-am urcat in masina si am plecat in orasul vecin, la magazine de metraje si la mercerii si bineinteles la micutzul magazin hobby-art ( din pacate acesta inca nu are site, dar puteti vedea citeva poze din interior aici ) pe care nu puteam sa il ocolim, nu-i asa ??? am facut micute cumparaturi : materiale, lina pentru sosete, nasturei simpatici , etc.etc... Dupa cum vedeti lina pentru sosete a fost foarte rapid pusa in practica de mine ;)...( la ora aceasta deja a doua soseta este pe final ;) )

We made a short walk in the garden , sorry for the total lack of pictures, where we decided to start a "heavy" plant exchange starting with the next meeting. could we know that we'll see each other so soon, like next week ! ;))
After that we jump in my car and off we were to the next city at some fabric and thread shops and of-course at the small hobby-art shop ( this one didn't have a site yet, but you can see a few pictures from inside here ) we couldn't avoid it, isn't it ?? we made some small shoppings like fabrics, wool for socks , fancy buttons,etc. ( as you can see the sock wool was very quickly put in practice by me, at this hour the second is already like done)

Buuuun...apoi am pornit la o pastravarie, sus in munti , ca sa ii fac o mica surpriza Csillei caruia ii plac atit de mult pastravii !! citeva poze din curtea pastravariei, plina de flori...

well...after these small shoppings we aimed to a trout farm up in the mountains, just to make to Csilla a small surprise: she likes so much those trouts!!! some photos from the inside garden of the trout farm, full of blooming flowers.

Ajunse acasa m-am vazut pusa la munca de chinez batrin :))) adica la eviscerat pastravii !!( Csillei nu-i place sa faca asta....ce era sa facem ? sa-i ducem inapoi ? pe toti-pe toti ???:))) buuuun, asa cum si ea a povestit pe blog, "domnii pacienti" erau deja morti-inghetati in cutia frigorifica din masina, asa ca am putut sa ma ocup linistita de ei . Poza constatatoare . Cum ca am fi fotogenici indiferent de specie sau stare de viata. :)) Forma conteaza ( si gustul ) ! ha-ha...

Arrived at home I see myself put to hard work like an old chinese man, meaning that I have to eviscerate all those fishes. Csilla hate to make that job so what should we do?? take them back ?? all of them ?? all those goodies??? nope ! so, as she already said on her blog , those "pacients" were already frozen-dead in the frigo-box from my car so that I could "manage" them in peace. Next is the constatatory picture. Saying that we , ALL, are fotogenics, any kind of species or stage of life we carry. Just the FORM matters ( and the taste, of course, I forgot! ) ...LOL.

Si cam aici s-a incheiat cu prima am apucat sa tricotam nici macar un rind, nu am apucat sa vedem revistele care mi le-a adus , nu am apucat sa facem traducerile necesare din cartile ei, nu am apucat mai nimic din ceea ce ne-am propus...dar a fost o zi tare reusita !!! ne-am despartit cu promisiunea ca ne vom intilni cit mai repede....

And like here ends the first visit...we didn't manage to knit even one row, we didn't mange to see all those magasines she brought to me, neither to translate the neccessary parts form her books...we didn't manage to make anything we intend for that day...but in all was such a great day! we farewell with the promise that we'll met soon...

Intilnirea nr. 2.

Azi, ne-am intilnit din condus jumatatea distantei dintre Satu-Mare si localitatea mea...apoi de acolo, ne-am intors acasa la portbagajul plin de plante ( trandafir rosu, digitallis, crin asiatic, margarete, lavanda, coada soricelului,etc.etc.). Din pacate nu vi le mai pot arata la aceasta ora pentru ca deja sunt plantate, asa ca le veti vedea intr-un post primit si o feriga superba caruia i-am gasit locul in atelierul meu :

Visit nr. 2.

Today, we met again....I drove half of the way from my home to hers and then we come together to my place again. With a FULL with plants car rear-boot ( red rose, digitallis, asian lily, daisy-ies, etc.) Unfortunatelly I can't show you them now because they are already planted in the'll see all of them in a future post...I also receive a superbe fern that I put it on my studio :

De data aceasta am fost muuult mai rapide cu vizita in oras la cumparaturi si mult mai econoame ca sa ne putem intoarce acasa la reviste si plante....

This time we were much quickier with the shoppings in the town and also much restrainted, just to have enough time to get back at home at all those magasines, books and plants....

Apropo de plante: aceste flori galbene sunt coada soricelului, primite saptamina trecuta...acum am primit si planta intreaga, cu radacina, care deja este asezata in pamint in gradina. Abia astept sa faca valuri-valuri de flori galbene parfumate....atit de interesanta !!

By the way : this is just the flower heads from the alchillea plant that I received last I have the whole plant -with roots and all-, and is already planted in the garden. I can't wait to bloom in waves of fully yellow perfumed interesting plant !!

Cind ne-am adus aminte ca trebuie sa facem si poze...eram deja la jumatatea zilei ;). Si inca ploua...

When we remember that we have to take some pictures for today, was already passed half of the day ;)And still raining ...

Apoi a venit si citeva poze de la masa. Ghiciti ce maninca ??? peste , bineinteles! :))

Then the hungry came ...some fotos on the lunch. Guess what is she eating ??? fish, of course ! :))

Ne-am distrat cu temporizatorul de la aparatul foto...cum ?sa nu avem noi o poza impreuna ??? a fost mai greu pina l-am setat la timpul potrivit ca sa ajung inapoi pe scaun ...ha-ha-ha...
We had some fun with the selftime of the come ? to not have a "together picture" ??... was a little difficult untill we set it proper so that I can just ploped myself back on the chair...LOL.

si un "cin-cin" pentru toate cele care ne citesc rindurile de azi ;).

And a "prosit" for all of you that are reading today lines ;).

Chiar daca a plouat aproximativ intreaga zi, a fost o zi mai mult decit reusita !!
Voi ce ziceti ??

Even that it rains quite all day , was a more than just a nice day!!
Don't you think ??


  1. Ti-am zis cand e seceta sa ma chemi pe mine la tine, si iti aduc si ploaia :o) chiar a fost doua zile minunate la tine :o)

  2. Norocoaselor :-D ! va pup,Kati

  3. Citind randurile voastre, sunt putin invidioasa :))))

  4. ce mai rasfat pe capul vostru :)

  5. Cin-cin si voua!
    You had a great time, no matter sun or rain.
    Enviously yours,

  6. Noroc si voua! Caci bine va simtiti oricum!

  7. Eu zic ca a fost super, super intalnirea voastra si va invidiez foarte tare! Hm...departe mai sunteti! Elena

  8. frumoase...amandoua sunteti frumoase!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sigur ca sunt frumoase...dar eu ma bucur ca ati petrecut cateva momente din viata voastra impreuna...chiar si simplu fapt ca ati stat de vorba e un lucru foarte bun,nemaipunand la socoteala ca v-ati plimbat,ati mancat,ati gatit,ati lucrat,etc...foarte frumos.La cat mai multe intalniri!



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