Monday, May 11, 2009

stories from the garden corner

Luna mai....deja ? timpul a trecut in si avionul din poza de mai jos...zilnic, deasupra noastra zboara avioane sportive, planoare si avioane "normale"...adica un fel de boeing-uri mai mici ;) si asta pentru ca aeroportul este foarte aproape.

The month of May...already ?? the time did flied away as the plane in the by day, on the sky above us are flying sport planes, aeroplanes and "normal " planes...something more like "small boeings"...and this happens because the airport is very close...

Gradina a luat avint , totul este extraordinar de verde si de este la toate ca suferim de seceta cam de 2 luni de zile...flori, parfum, cintec de pasarele... ce lume minunata !

The garden did take a big jump .Everything is so green and succulent...the nature is at it's max...even that we suffer for severe draught in the last 2, perfumes, singing birds...what a beautifull world !

Gradina de legume incepe sa prinda "forme" gust crocant : ridichi, ceapa verde, ruccolla, usturoi proaspat...deocamdata curind e gata si mazarea " mange-tout" , si capsunii. Apoi fasolea, cartofii, fine, toate cele "poftite" si ascunse-n pamint luna trecuta...Multumesc cirtitzelor pentru ajutorul enorm pe care mi l-au dat : pamint pentru fi trebuit sa fie in final 8 straturi, dar am ramas cu pare ca totusi naftalina nu le e pe plac. A fost singura metoda "naturala" de a le alunga.... va amintiti ? de aici a inceput totul...

The vegetable garden start to take contour...and flavours....and crispy tastes : radishes, green onion, ruccolla, fresh garlic...for now. Soon enough will be ready to pick the "mange-tout" peas and the strawberries. Then the pole bean, the potatoes, the corn...well, all those "whished for" and burried in the soil last month.
I must say a deeply "thank you!" to all the moles in my garden for their great help : clean soil for my garden beds...there should be at last 8 raised beds but we have only 7. It seems that they don't like at all naftalene. This was the only "natural" solution to "shoo" them you remember ? from here started all :

Si acum e asa :

and now is this : finele fiecarei zile.... each days' end...


  1. Este foarte frumoasa gradina ta! ce perdeluta de raze multicolore are! :) Te imbratisez, Lili

  2. Ce mari sunt cate flori ai deja! Parca fac o calatorie in viitor privindu-le.
    Bravos! Oameni gospodari!

  3. Munca ta da roade frumoase! Totul este frumos! Si gustos! Felicitari si va doresc ploaie , sa fie gradina mereu verde!



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