Thursday, September 25, 2008

How stupid someone could be ??

Cit de prost poate sa fie omul citeodata ?? spun eu! poftim ce s-a-ntimplat: pe cind imi mergea si mie bine totul,poate prea bine ca sa fie adevarat, si cind cu mult curaj am hotarit sa schimb bindingul la quiltul crazy cu o bentita argintie, ma pomenesc ca am taiat ca netoata din fundita respectiva, cu citeva zile inainte, fara sa-mi dau seama de dezastrul ce va urma...asa ca acu' stau in pentru mult timp, doar ma cunoasteti...ceva tot fac eu...;))

How stupid can someone be ?? VERY, I told you! here is what happened : when everything seems to be to perfect to be true, when with all my courage I decided to change the binding at my crazy quilt with a silver ribbon, I found myself in a very stupid moment when I realized that, severeal days before I cut from THIS ribbon instead of other, without knowing the following disaster... so , now, I'm sitting up in the nowhere...but not for long, you know me ;))

Si pozele urmatoare sunt pentru draga de Rontunjoara :))))
In pregatire : pulpa de miel cu o mina de legume...

And the following pictures are for dear ROUNDISH ( or shall I say PLUMPY? ) :))))
In preparation : lamb leg with a handfull of vegetables...

Acoperita si trimisa la caldurica la cuptor pentru vreo ora.

Covered and sent to fittness (LOL) in the oven for about an hour...

si apoi faza alegere.
and then the final stage...your choice.


  1. Cata finete si ce minunat a iesit..quiltul, nu friptura:))

  2. Mai spun si eu o data: quiltul tau alb e incredibil. De friptura ce sa mai zic!...



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