Thursday, December 04, 2014

Time flies so fast...

Yes, time flies so fast.... from summer to autumn. From autumn to winter....
Even that I'm not quite complete restablished ( from my incredible, awful one week lower back pain ) today I took my camera and get out. It was sunny but quite cold...
With the corner of my eye ( right one ) I see something scarry ...

Yes, these ! Lots of fresh mole-heaps. Lots ! again !! pfff......

And from the new spot, with my right eye - this time - I see something cheerful coloured. A feast for my eyes ... and birds LOL. 

Red, frozen apples... ice-cream for birds. ;)

She is always following me ... a few steps behind, faithfully.... Goldie, I mean. A little upset, a little tired. Age-fatigue.....

 Naked of leaves, the trees seems whiter and taller... another beautiful aspect of birches.

She's coming slowly .. head down, smelling here and there , tail wagging slowly ... my crooked shadow because of my crooked back .

The reason of today walk was finding this. Seabuckthorn .Hippophae rhamnoides . A lot of goodies in my garden... 

Quite a lot of it ....but ....

But it is all frozen..... it's smashing between the fingers.... pity ! next year will know to harvest at the right time. And with right methods. ;) Thank you , Catrinel .

I have a soft spot ( inclusiv in my garden :P ) for bamboo.... well, this is not a proper bamboo , but something quite closer as a species. Bringed home from France via Spain with funny stories to remember... 

I love the sky seen trough it ....

I love the sun filtered trough it ... 
I love to cut and clean all those dried stalks... and store them with this and that ideeas in my mind. Lots of pretty ideas. Someday ... you know. ;) 

Last views over the empty, naked, chilled garden....

And in the last moment I found something good to take back in to house : some green onions, a little between growth phases but so sweet and good. Frost passes over and make it sweet , otherwise I always get hot , spicy onion from my garden . Perhaps due to the soil....

A thought from this moment : if frost makes onion sweet, does illness make bad people good ? 
You can answer. Don't ponder too much over the answer, just say it . 
Creative Commons License
by Teodora Podina © 2006


  1. Cu placere si multumesc pentru link! :)
    Wow! Ce multe musuroaie! Goldie e o scumpa btranica.
    Nu cred ca pe oamenii care sunt rai cu adevarat ii face boala mai buni. Oamenii rai raman asa orice s-ar intampla, ba se inraiesc si mai tare in urma unor incercari mai grele ale vietii.

  2. Cred ca da.cand oamenii rai sunt bolnavi..vad cata dragoste pimesc de la cei din jur care ii ingrijesc si devin si ei mai buni...Te pup!

  3. Craciun fericit alaturi de toti cei dragi.
    Multe zambete si bucurii...
    Primiti cu colindul?

    "Scoală gazdă din pătuţ
    Florile dalbe,
    Şi ne dă un colăcuţ
    Florile, florile dalbe.

    Că mămuca n-o făcut
    Florile dalbe,
    Sâtă rară n-o avut
    Florile, florile dalbe.

    Pe cand sâtă-o căpătat
    Florile dalbe
    Covata ni s-o crăpat
    Florile, florile dalbe

    Când covata o lichit
    Florile dalbe
    Cuptioru' nu s-o urnit
    Florile, florile dalbe

    Când cuptoru o pornit
    Florile dalbe
    Anul Nou o şi venit
    Florile, florile dalbe
    Florile, florïle dalbe."



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