Sunday, February 02, 2014

some lines in a quiet Sunday

Have you ever eat some potatoes slices grilled on the wood stove ? I'm crazy about them ... here is one of my favorite between-meals snack plate : hot slices splashed with EVO oil and some salt. Healthy and sooo cheap. Healthy is the major word now. ;)

And another tiny card. A real love card. Precious love ... 
Embossed cardboard, red corrugated cardboard, gold mirror cardboard and some old music notes...

Due to the height resulted, this time I made a volume envelope for the card ( or you can call it ''envelobox'' ) 

 Now this card has something new : inside I create a pocket for something small ( you can put inside a  delicate pair of earrings, or a necklace, or some money  ;) ) and a tag along . This is the inside : 

and here's a close-up :

 Yesterday evening, our guests spoiled me with a delicate seven tulips bouquet.... I just can't let them fade away without a picture ;) 

What a Sunday.... an almost 3 hours electricity black-out that shows us how much we are connected to it. No power, no internet, no movies.... lucky to have the fireplace hot.
Wishing you a relaxing and warm Sunday evening !

Creative Commons License
by Teodora Podina © 2006


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    That potatoes... are the potatoes from my childhood. Every automn my granpa was keeping separatly the big potatoes from the garden, specially for this menu.
    During the cold winter, he was preparing this kind of 'chips' , and served with fat yogourt.

    Thanks to releave so nice memories..

    1. Thanks for your visit ! glad to bring you back some ''tasty'' memories... I'll try some with home-made fat yoghurt ;), good idea .

  2. Felicitarea este speciala ca de obicei,lalelele sper sa iti aduca primavara mai repede iar cartofii arata suuuper bine.
    Teo ne lasi un link pentru cutia-plic?Este super de tot.
    Te imbratisez DDDDDDD

    1. Plicul cu volum ( enveloplus ) nu are tipar... se realizeaza cu o placa din trusa Ultimate Crafter Companion . Poti sa cumperi doar placa pentru aceste plicuri cu volum ! O gaseesti aici :
      xoxo, DD.

  3. Multumeeeeeesc. Mi se pare tare dragut si poti ascunde in el si alte lucruri in afara de carduri.intru pe link.multumesc.Te puuup DD

  4. Si mie mi-ai adus aminte de gustul copilariei, tata obisnuia sa ne coaca felii de cartofi pe plita fierbinte in timp ce mama ii curata, evident, pentru un alt fel de mancare. :) Arata foarte bine in farfuria ta!
    Iti privesc cu admiratie lucrarile. Esti foarte ordonata si atenta la detalii. Felicitari si mult spor!

    1. Ce onoare pe mine sa te primesc in umila mea casuta ! Gabriela, multumesc de vizita . Admiratia insa, lasa-o sa fie de partea mea pentru lucrarile tale :).



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