Wednesday, July 10, 2013

latest works

By now, everyone knows that I'm deeply in love with scrapbooking :D. Well, this is me : restless in hobby. Step by step I'm going in THAT direction that I'm longing for since so many years... for now it's secret ;) But you'll be among first to know. ;)

Learning about scrapbooking day by day, shopping ( less lately, but still some... stamps and papers, and punches and embellishments  ) , receiving beautiful die-cuts from friends that share same passion as mine and are more lucky to have a die-cut machine , working and trying and trying... some results get in the garbage-bin, some get out well and are already gifted.
Let's see :
first of all, my tool collection get bigger with the addition of some punches ( another love of mine beside stamps :D )

and still I don't have a proper way to store them - they sit still in baskets, arranged somehow by size . If anyone has a great idea for storing these , it is more then welcomed.

Then some new stamps appear in the collection ;)  :

I just can't hold myself when it comes about stamps :)))...anyone else suffering from the same ? :D  
 And now some works to show off : 
a romantic birthday card  - I absolutely adore these colors:

a thank you card : 

a funny card for a quick competition : 

and a card for a silver wedding celebration . 

As any beginner, I'm searching my way, my style... perhaps it's too soon at least to think about it just because I'm so anxious to work different techniques, different layouts.
Let's see what future brings . I have my arms large opened. :D

Wishing you a beautiful and creative day !

Creative Commons License
by Teodora Podina © 2006


  1. mai dar iti ies suuuper... mai ai multe talente ????? ;)

    1. Multumesc, Fifi . :*
      Nici eu nu stiu cite or mai fi ascunse pe-acolo , prin adincurile fiintei mele :)))...

  2. Imi place stilul tau si iti doresc sa fii mereu cu aripile laaarg deschise!

  3. OOOO, ce multe perforatoare ai!!! Tot timpul cand ma pornesc sa comand cateva perforatoare ajung sa comand matrite de decupat :)))... Imi plac si cele 2 seturi de stampile (primul il am si eu :)) ...
    Acum sa trecem la felicitari : GROZAVE!!! Preferatele mele: Thank you Card si cea pentru nunta de argint...
    Ai un talent deosebit! Felicitari!

  4. Imi poti spune, te rog, de unde ti-ai cumparat stampilele? Setul mare cu flori si cea de lemn?



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