Saturday, March 02, 2013

oh, well....

Well, I know-I know, I'm late again .....but what to do when life is so busy ?
My scrapbooking mania didn't left me.At all.  LOL. As my dearest one celebrated his birthday a few days ago, I made one card for him, too. ;).
I like the " less is more" style, as you can see....

And it has a little secret pocket inside, showing celebrations number.
 He's my handsome grey-hair guy and I love him totally. 
Do you read this, dear ? :D 

And as outside is more winter than spring, not taking in count what calendar says, I bring inside some branches that finally did flourished. But they are totally white instead of deep pink...and no smell at all. Still : at least a feast for the eyes. A mini  inside "fake" spring ;).

This changing weather gives me headaches... so , one more coffee and I'm ready to go on further. 

See you soon. ;). I have something nice to show you ;) ( oh, this modesty of mine :P ) 

Creative Commons License
by Teodora Podina © 2006



  1. eu ma bucur ca ai revenit. La multi ani sotului tau, e in Pesti :)) (norocoaso!)

  2. ....ce dragut! ce a zis?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ioana de dinainte eram eu!

    "La multi ani" pt Mircea, frumos card! Nu ne-ai rasfatat cu felurile de mancare servite!

  5. 8 Martie.....iti doresc o primavara minunata, plina de creativitate!

  6. Ia te uită, o maramureşancă de-a mea. Şi talentată pe deasupra. :)
    Îmi place mult felicitarea - şi coloristica, şi buzunarul interior.



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