Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day

As one of my friends says : there's no need for a special day to celebrate love must be permanent.
Still, absorbed in this huge flow of Valentines here and there , I made my own ...proofs. Several days ago .  They were kept hidden until today at 00 a.m. Yep, an early hour for showing off my love to my LOVE. :))

First of all I did my very first scrapbooking card , of which I'm very proud . With low materials and tools stash, still I think it's pretty.

Scrapbooking is the ultimate hobby that I like.... I'm dreaming, I'm learning, I'm craving and I'm hoping that I can make it at some level, too . I'm just quite horrified of how much investment means a new hobby now. Papers,cardboards, tools, embellishments, stamps, a lot of small things that costs sooo much. But nobody hurries me, no ? and a girl must have some personal pleasures, ain't it ?  ;) :D

As I do have one big heart punch ( 7cm ) I imagine, for today,  the house dressed in ...hearts. Imagination doesn't means always practicality so....the conclusion : too much for me ( I'm quite simple, but romantic ) so I make just one. On a stick. Double -faced. It was our company for this morning breakfast. A lot of smiles during this breakfast, you know ;)
And now stop with scrapbooking. Let's go back to decoupage. Yep, the one before last liked hobby :D
I learned a new technique so I thought ( do you see how often do I think ? :D ) that something good must result from practicing.
Of course a heart. What else ? :D
All dressed up in silk paper, embellished with glass beads, a central rice-paper panel and a handmade weaved cord for hanging. 18 cm each way.

extremely romantic, do you agree ? 
a small detail 

White and delicate, very romantic, you named it. But it come out straight from my heart. 
 I love you, my love ! ;)


  1. Inimioare minunate in tehnici diferite, aceeasi dragoste, unica, mereu romantica, arta. Love is in the air!

  2. Superbe si romantice sunt inimioarele tale...mai ales cea alba care este...delightful!

  3. Buna dimineata,Tik! Ai un premiu la ine in blog oferit cu multa apreciere!

    si uitandu-ma la aceasta superba inimioara...imagineaza-ti ca ai putea face exact aceelasi lucru pe un card! nu degeaba am spus, un pas mic mai e!



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