Sunday, March 07, 2010

ribbons and laces

I always have a fling for laces...and ribbons....and pink... and light blue....I often dream at a small white house, filled with roses and blue pillows....and tons and tons of white lace ribbons.... it hit me that ,until then, I can "practice" in real life all of these...all of them....first I made some soft and fluffy pouches for my new friends : Beverley,Ann and Alice. Hope they will remember me every time when will touch these...

then I want to continue with that light blue but the checked fabric is I changed on stripes.Different light blue stripes...same lace.Same ribbon. I'm constant in my dreams, you know...
then something happened. I suddenly needed some...colour. A bit of. So I grab some cream fabric...with just a hint of green....but I feel hunger for more colour and then I insert a hot red poppy panel . Follow an unexpected change : cream lace. Just as my grandmother used in her youth....yep, still soft but , sincerely, was a little too much colour for my... dreams. 

so, at the sunset I feel the need of vintage perfume...lazy flavour of some dusty roses....on some real vintage cotton. Same fluffiness, same lace-ness, same ....ness. T.-ness.

 ...oh, and I forgot : I love white angels, too . :) 
   Too much for you ? 


  1. You took nice pictures of your pouches.

  2. Cata finete si cat romantism...Minunate!

  3. sunt superbe!!!nu e nici unul de vanzare?

  4. frumoase. frumoase ! sper ca le-ai vandut !

  5. MInuni realizezi draga mea si uite cum iti daruiesc un Premiu pentru activitate, creatie si talent.



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