Thursday, March 01, 2007

the 1st of March... for my love

Cum era un UFO ( obiect neterminat) prin atelierul meu ( si nu-i statea bine deloc in stadiul acela) am terminat o inimioara movulie pentru dragostea post de martisor! A fost impresionat...mai ales ca nu am folosit "tzintzele" ( margele, in termen popular de-al locului). degeaba i-am explicat eu ca tocmai "tzintzelele" dau farmec ...deh, optica masculina!;0)

As I had an UFO ( UnFinished Object) in my sewing-room ( and wasn't pretty at all in that stade) I did finished a mauve crazy-heart, for my a Martzichor! He was quite impressed...above all because I didn't use "tzintzele" ( beads, in a very local-popular way of speaking). Anywise I did explain that the beads give the charm for a crazy heart, wasn't good enough....well...male point of wiew! ;)

edit in 2015 : this heart is still here, in my studio, hanging on my soft work-board... this means I do love it deeply ! I remember several people asking it as a gift... it is still here with me.:D . After 8 years is looking as good and nice as in her first day of life. Question : does it mean that, somewhere deeply in my heart, crazy quilting is a favourite ? :) 


  1. Nice this heart and nice your friends post cards.
    ciao ciao

  2. The heart is so pretty , I like it!!!

  3. Vad ca totusi nu ai renuntat la crazy si inimioare! Ma bucur pentru inima ta:)

  4. Elena9:47 AM

    Important este ca i-a placut lui inimioara! Elena

  5. Inimioara crazy e superba.
    Cusaturile de mana sunt minunate.



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